Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's Spawning Time~

This time of year the fish swim upstream 
and spawn.
It is part of their lifecycle.
When we went walking on the river today we found a few examples.

dog fish = chum salmon
(see the teeth)

humpy = pink salmon
(notice the hump on its back)

We also get dollies, graylings , reds (sockeye salmon)
and occasionally, King salmon
swimming by.

By time they get up the river to our house
the spawners are a little past tasty 
unless you are a gull.
In that way the mulukchuk (dead fish)  plays a
part in the gull's lifecycle too.

A lot of fish were caught closer to the river mouths
and in the ocean this year.
There the meat is still firm and tasty.

This is the first time ever Dexter didn't want
to go for a walk on the river.
He loves to eat the fish!

Next year is supposed to be a record year
for salmon runs in this area.
In the fish cycle, even years are usually stronger than odd.
In 2004 there were so many we had to dodge them when we canoed.

Here they say,
"Spawn 'til you die....."

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