Friday, August 12, 2011

Mission Accomplished~

On a clear summer day we started picking Fireweed.
The recipe calls for 8 cups of tightly packed blossoms.

Those eight+ cups made 16 
4 oz jars of 
this pretty and tasty Fireweed Jelly.

I was on a mission to make at least
100 of these little jars.
So,  I kept picking a few hours every day.

The Vanna look with two hours worth!

Sometimes little passengers came home with me.
We are still finding them in the house.

To make your own jelly:

Once the blossoms are washed 
boil them for 10 minutes
in just enough water to 
barely reach their tops
(nifty scientific recipe :o}  )

The jelly is made from this "tea"

Drain the water from the blossoms,
Toss the flower mash.
The remaining tea should be a dark purple color.

Pour 2.5 cups of tea into a pan.
Add 1 tsp of lemon juice~
this will turn it pink.

Warm up the contents and

1 package of powdered pectin

Boil 1 minute

3 cups sugar

Boil 1 minute

Pour into boiled, clean jars
and put on hot lids 

Boil 10 minutes in a bath 

Repeat these steps until you have all of the jars you want.....

Just keep picking, just keep cooking.....

 Mission accomplished.....

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