Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Than a Thousand Words~

I haven't posted for a few weeks, did you miss me?  :o)

     I finally made it out on the jet and flew south after my last posting.
Here is more than a thousand words, 
mostly in pictures, 
of some of my favorites sites
from the too short 
two weeks I was gone.....
Lowell traffic jam

Highway 58 pretties
Delicate feeding in town at twilight

Elks Lodge on Main Street
Such a cool building and finally, a cooperating flag


We went for a drive but turned the wrong way
but enjoyed where we found ourselves

Lane giving Grandma a spin in his "cool" jeep

This little guy must go crazy working in the nursery flower to flower
My favorite view of California

Can you guess what kind of story he was telling Great Aunt Sharon?

Face "paints" are strawberries from Grandma's garden,
amazing eyes by his Momma

I don't remember this building ever being without this ad.

Full moon over the Warner Mountains 

From the time I was little, this church was special

South of Klamath Falls
(I did pull off the road to take this picture)


The Willamette Valley Drive-By
(Rusty's turn to drive the HH-R)

Beautiful "Wow" view of the valley below

The engineering skills and tenacity needed to create a web amazes me.

Tammy would have to explain this one.... I think there a guy in the picture at one point.....

We met for lunch....which extended into dessert....
and finally we went outside when
the dinner crowd filled up Red Robin.
A lot of years and memories between us to laugh aboutr

Did any of us dream of trying to take pictures with a phone 35 years ago?

They came from the north and south to meet for a good visit over dinner

Treatment #4
So many people touched by the one 'C' word not mentioned here.

This rig and its dedicated crew have helped 100's in Oregon.
Now it is headed to a new station in Idaho to help there.

Flying out of Eugene...enjoying the art work of the fields.
How do they keep their lines so straight?

Smoke in the cockpit during take-off caused a slight change
in our flight plan.
The crew handled it well and we
were off in a new plane a few hours later.

Back in Alaska the Dog Wash is attached to the Auto Wash
Carol and Loki gave me a ride when I missed my flight home :o)

I was really glad to make it back home to Dexter early Monday morning.....

Although they are not all pictured here, 
I was blessed to see many of those important to me.   
               The weeks went by way too quickly
and too soon it was time to say
"Good bye" .....again.

Take care, it was wonderful to see you .....

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