Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Amazing Sunset~

The Pilot Man left tonight
to go on his annual Brother's Trek.
He is really bummed to miss out on this 
fabulous weather we have been having.
It is supposed to continue through the weekend!

One of the benefits of a smaller airport is that there 
are only so many ways that the planes
can take off.

When they finally closed the doors on the plane tonight
I watched to see which way the plane might go
and went were I thought 
I could get a good view of it flying over.

When I started shooting, the sun began going down
and I was gifted with 
a surprising view.

I was inspired to drive around and see what I could find.
The evening was so warm, 
many people were out walking,
boating, filling barges
and mining.

I decided to keep with the sunset theme  
and post my favorites.

The dredge near the airport

A gull at the small boat harbor

 it was time to drive home.
 with the sun going down behind me.

The big ol' moon was hanging in the sky as I came 
over the Dexter Bypass.

Pond Picture Perfection!
Not a ripple to mar the reflection.

Wow!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Now, I really should get some sleep ;o)
Good night.....

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