Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Do It~

Today is September 30th.
The last day of the month, 
and the day my friend goes to see the liver surgeon.

Last year we were excitedly planning for our long-anticipated
50th birthday celebration...
The Portland Marathon/Walk, then on to a spa in Utah
and the Amazing Zion National Park.

This year she is planning for surgery.
She will be in Portland 364 days after our VooDoo Donut run
and have a spot  "popped" off her liver
365 days after our long, rainy day run through the city.

Last year we joked about the wonderful things we had to look forward to in our 50's.

And I was glad to let her be the leader and the first 
to go get the dreaded test.
She was determined to get it done, 
but I was concerned about getting sick from drinking
the stuff :( and put it off.

I introduced you to Tammy in June
when she had her first chemo treatment.
One of life's BIG surprises were the results from her test.

But, because she had been aggressive about getting her test,
the nasty cancer was discovered, 
And, although it was already beyond her colon, it was treatable.
After her first surgery in April and chemo since June, this is the next step.

As a result of Tammy's perseverance, 
folks who know her or know of her story,
(and stories of others like her's)
are getting checked,
and paying more attention to their overall health.
That is one good outcome for their stories.

As a reminder, here is their message again...

Think about those who love you

And just do it.....


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