Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Tour~

For our last day on the East Coast, our Barrister Son and his Teacher Wife
took us on a tour of his time in the area.
He first came to DC as an intern in 2006
and he has gone to school and/or worked 
here ever since graduating from college in Idaho.

There have been a few changes 
and a lot of growth since the kid from Alaska went to Washington.

The Martin Luther King Memorial is a brand new
monument near the Tidal Basin.
Hurricane Irene delayed the unveiling,
so they just went ahead and opened it to the public.

In addition to the horses and bikes, used for mall security,  
the District has added the Police Polaris!

In December the Barrister Son will graduate from
the George Mason School Of Law.
Those job applications have been sent out!

The Barrister Son said there had to be a picture of a bird  :o).....

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