Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Days at the Florida Beach~

A few more pictures from the beach...

A pod of dolphins followed the fish as they swam by one afternoon!

Clouds built most afternoons making the temperatures pleasant.

Another bird...

The Flyer Son took us kayaking.  
We just walked to the beach.  
I carried the camera :-)

The Flyer Son set me up in my kayak then came out in his.
When it was time to come back in he explained what I needed to do
then went ahead.  
Sometimes he disappeared when waves came between us
while paddling in.
He landed with precision on the sand.

The waves grew as we got closer to shore.
The Flyer Son's directions were to stay
straight into them.

Which I was able to do for a while.

But, then I didn't anymore. 

He had warned me that it would probably happen
so I wasn't too surprised,
but it sure happened fast!

Panama City Beach~

Off the Boardwalk...

Thanks for the outstanding ride,
Flyer Son.....

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