Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Long, Cold Story~

This is where I work..usually.
I do kids
and water.

This summer the maintenance folks decided to take the
heating element out and clean it.
Then they decided it needed replaced.
This was July, and I was out of town.

When I returned, we had a meeting with the bodies involved
and we asked,
"Why is this taking so long"?

The answer was wordy, and not as informative,
as it was frustrating.

So now, it is the 2nd to last week of September,
and we have clear, clean water,
a grant to pay for swimming lessons,
kids ready to get into the water
and no heat.

Time for my fingers to do the walking...

Since then I have--repeatedly :o) --
 talked to the factory man on the east coast,
the wholesale man in Anchorage,
and the distributor man in Anchorage who 
has had the order on his desk since JULY
because he had to redesign the whole thing...

Between the fantastic factory man, the wonderful wholesale man, 
and my helper, we figured out the correct element we needed in less than a week
using the model number on the current element-
no redesign needed.
Then we scurried around and 
sent the purchase order to the distributor man.
After a couple of days without hearing anything, I call the DM
and am told it will be up to 
one week to get to the front of the line to get a date
to get our element made.
After that, 4-6 weeks to get it to Anchorage.

I, being the tactful sort, say,
"Wouldn't it have been nice to get in that line
last July."

His reply...
"Well the waiting time was just as long then"

Did anyone else kind of chuckle at his response?

So the distributor man calls me this week and says,
"Now everyone wants a heating element 
because we are heading into winter,
so we are looking at 1-2 MORE weeks to get
to the front of that line".
And then it is 6-8 weeks to get it made.

Until then, the water remains cold.....

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