Saturday, September 3, 2011

Maryland and Virginia ~

Last night we flew north to the land 
rich in US history
where the Barrister Son and his wife live. 

Today we went to Annapolis,
which was once the capitol of the United States.
It is Maryland's current state capitol.

The Barrister Son and his Teacher Wife
are working on having their picture taken at each of the 50 state capitols.
They both have degrees in Political Science.

There were lots of girls preening everywhere 
we went.

 Free sailing time was available on these little boats,
without any instruction.
This person gave it a try and tipped over.

She remained calm and righted herself
then came back in
wet, but smiling.

The architecture in the town is very interesting.

In the warmer months some homeowners
brighten their doorways with
pots of flowers.

This bell is from the ship the Pilot Man's uncle was
on in Pearl Harbor. 
He survived and lived into his 90's.

We went to dinner in Georgetown then walked over
the Francis Scott Key Bridge 
back to Arlington.

We have the sign in this picture
so we can remember where we spent
my birthday.

There is a lot to see here, but I have a feeling
 not nearly enough time.....

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