Thursday, September 29, 2011

Northern Lights and Frosty Delights~

Reports from the interior have
raved about their northern lights.

I have been searching the sky
but, due to our cloud cover, we haven't 
been able to see any.

The Pilot Man gets up earlier than I do
and he said he would wake me up if he saw any.
He has been disappointed that there hasn't any reason to wake me early.

Last night the temperature dropped to +22'
and there was a soft glow in the sky
when he woke me at the usual time.
I stepped out and caught the barest hint of color in the darkness
as the greens shifted across the horizon.

They really were there :o)

Usually, with the lights,
comes the cold.

This lone flower in the lawn was covered in the 
early morning frost..

The grass was still crispy beneath my feet when I walked outside a few hours later.

And then the sun came out.

For another glorious fall day.....

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