Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Show to Share~

Today's assignment was to learn to use the remote with my camera.
It may be the only remote that I get to be in control of, 
no matter what gender is around.

(know what I mean ;-)

I was told that a remote, and a tripod, is necessary when taking 
sequence shots.

Tonight I chose instead to lay in the soft, sweet-smelling grass
and watch the gift unfold
 as the colors shifted across the sky
and were mirrored in the pond.

I tried to capture the show to share with you.....


  1. I love these Nome pictures. Thank you for sharing them, it brings me home every time!

  2. I am glad! You are going to have to bring those boys up to show them where you come from!
    Thanks for letting me know :-)


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