Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunrise Across the Wing~

This morning the sun was coming up as we 
flew the last leg home.
We love the new Flight 154- which doesn't stop in Kotzebue!

After leaving Reagan Airport in D.C. about 6 PM EST,
we arrived in Nome at 7:30 AM AST.
Just in time to go to work!

Good Morning!

Golovin Bay,  Alaska 

The wind was making striations across the water.
Looking at it made me feel a little cold in my comfy summer clothes!

Wind foam....or ice?  We were hoping for the foam!

The early morning lights of Nome as we flew over Norton Sound.

As we turn onto the final approach towards the airport, 
town is on our right.

Passing the port and seawall protecting town,
means we are almost ready to touch down
home in Nome.....

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