Thursday, September 1, 2011

The US 98 Beach Stretch...So Far~

Sights  viewed
with the sound of the rolling waves 
in the background...

Each burg seems to have their own water tower
and evacuation areas.

Most places along the beach are for vacationers.
The people who provide services for them live more inland,
where land is more affordable.

As the tide moves in and out
it shifts the sand.
The little animals in these shells are exposed by this movement
so they have to go up on end to dig themselves
back into the sand again.
{Clicking on the pictures should make them larger to see}

We found blue crab and shrimp.

And many different shorebirds...

This beach grass is tough with large seed heads.
If you look along the base of some grassy areas
you will find protected turtle nests. 

We tried to figure out what this plane was.
Can you?

It is a dragonfly.....they grow them big here!

They are reviving the Historical Downtown in Port St Joe, 
home to the Dazzling Dolphins!

LOVE the hairdo :-)

On the shore near this surfer was a massage bed
and the times available for appointments.
Could be, this is how the masseuse  warms up.....

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