Friday, September 23, 2011

A Vistor in the Night~

Last night when I turned everything off and tried to sleep
I heard a banging around the house.
Thinking it was the dog, I went to look at his bed in the kitchen.
to find him sleeping soundly.


It was really dark outside so I didn't want to wander around, 
and I only had three hours to sleep before 4 AM
when I had to get up for work,
 before leaving on the jet.
So I locked the doors,
 and caught some zzzzzz's.

It was still really dark when I left in the morning,
but I listen carefully as I loaded up.

Upon our return we found
a table knocked over on the deck,
little "piles" left on the deck,
and this at the bottom of the drive.

All left by visitors.....

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