Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Walk On The Tundra~

The past few weeks I have been eyeing the changing colors,
on the side of King Mountain
 as I pass on my way to and from work.

I have really wanted to walk down and
check out the old mining site in Dexter Creek.

Like we all do, I kept thinking, "Tomorrow I will stop and...."
Thursday I decided now was the time to take the walk down then up the hill,
because who knows...
Today it is pouring and blowing outside,
and I am inside looking at pictures,
so I am glad I took the time!

The old trestle through some very late fireweed.

The underside of the trestle.

There were several of these cool rocks.
This one was worn down in interesting places.

This blueberry was still firm even after all of the freezing we have had.

Looking down King Mountain and across to the road.

The Pilot Man saw my car on the road and stopped on his way home from work too. 

Checking out possible Cottonwoods for our yard.

One lone cranberry!
I couldn't find any plants nearby so wonder if this was dropped by a bird.

Cottonwoods on the ditchline.

The old dredge in Dexter Creek.

The White Alice Sites on Anvil can be seen across the tundra
and old ditches.

It was a really nice evening to be out for a walk.....

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