Sunday, October 2, 2011

As the Temperature Drops~

As the Temperature Drops
might be a replacement name around here for
As the World Turns
(or Churns) 
as my roommates used to say.

Today it was +18'
and there was additional ice on the pond.
It started with what didn't melt yesterday,
then grew!

 The wood collectors in the house
were motivated to head out for another load.

There was more ice at the mouth of the Nome River.
and the air had a nip in it from the wind
that it didn't have yesterday.

But, the sun was shining

and we were dressed for the weather

and Dexter Dog was just happy to be on an adventure.

The Pilot Man wanted to explore so we went to a different part of the beach.
Guess what I found...

This itty, bitty starfish!
I like to think we rescued it and the tiny legs began to swim back to sea.

Oh, and I found another perfect little sand dollar!

Four of them...
I don't know how to explain it.
Twenty-six years with one, and now twelve in two days!

While I was spending so much time looking at the sand,
I kept seeing these little formations.
Some were just a half-circle, some a complete one.

My guess is that the seaweed in the middle swirled around as the tide went out
leaving a trail in the sand.

Does anyone else have an idea?

 This plane flew by twice and my pictures didn't need cropped to fill the frame the second time.

The sun had been shining all day on the pond

leaving a smaller fringe of ice around the edges by evening.....

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