Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back in Alaska~

Anchorage didn't develop like most cities.  
It began as two connected smaller towns, 
one was dock-side for boats near the train tracks, 
the other was for planes.

 Lake Hood remains and is now attached to the 
Ted Stevens International Airport. 
As winter approaches,
planes are being readied for the ice and snow that is coming.
Most are pulled out of the water and tied down onshore.  
Soon their floats will be replaced by skis to be used when the lake is a solid landing strip.

The wait list is 10 years for a slip to park a plane at the lake.

Click the link to watch planes use Lake Hood in the summer~

All around the lake there are small building 
holding the necessary supplies for the planes and their owners.
Many of the planes fly to lodges,
some are for air tours,
others are private planes used like most use cars to travel.

This is my favorite spot to sit at the restaurant which is on the edge of the lake.
From here we can watch the lights change outside,
while we stay warm inside.

In the summer, the planes land all day
and throughout the night with the extra sunlight.

But in the fall and winter, the bright lights reflecting on the water
are much more impressive.....

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