Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Day Full of Surprises~

  Today began as the coldest day
so far this autumn, +22'.
The ice on the pond and thick layers of frost made me cold
just to look at them.

Thrilled at the prospect of spending the day on the windy beach,
I layered on the clothes, pulled on two pairs of socks, Bogs with wool liners,
 and packed tissues
for those nippy noses.

The Pilot Man, Dexter Dog and I drove to the Council Road
then turned east along the Bering Sea.
The ocean water had that slightly syrupy look it gets
when it begins to thicken before freezing.

When we spotted a section of wood that looked promising we 
drove across the beach grass to check it out.

The beach was surprisingly calm and the sun was shining
on the sand bars and tidepools.

Gulls floated in smooth waves.
It was turning into a fan-tastic day to be out.

As we walked along the shore
 I spotted something I have only seen once before
in all of the 20+ years we have lived near these
northern shores..

A perfect Sand Dollar was lying face up in our path!

That was pretty incredible,
since we have spent a lot of time on these beaches!

I gently picked it up and began to watch a little
more carefully while I was walking.

The Pilot Man was doing a better job looking for wood,
but I found ANOTHER of those fragile little jewels.

They were smaller than ones found in Oregon or Washington
but the birds had only picked at one of them.
Maybe these washed ashore in the high winds we had last week
because they were far above the regular tide line?

Over the course of the day I found an amazing number,
eight of them!

After we finished our work we took time on the beach 
to soak up the sun and listen to the waves,
before heading back home.

Oh, and we did get a load of wood too!

Dinner was halibut at our first NRA Banquet
where the Pilot Man was a
lucky winner at the Sweet 16 Game of Chance!

Our final surprise came on the drive home over the Dexter Bypass.
As we came around the corner and dropped down onto our side of the hill,
colors could be seen in the sky.
The Northern Lights were out among the stars!
They were beautiful!

We stopped and watched as long as we could,
but I had left all of the warm layers at home
and my feet in my opened-toed heels wimped out.

 The colorful lights continued to move across the sky
as we watched from the warmth in the house. 

Finally they turned themselves off,
and we could go to sleep.....

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