Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Isolation Destination~

Sometimes our weather is a little surprising.
Or maybe we are just being hopeful and it doesn't 
do what we are hoping for?

This morning we had a little snow on the ground when we woke up
combined with our first stiff wind of the fall.

It was the morning I had decided was going to be
Day #1.
I was going to go into town where there are street lights and run before starting work.
We left my car in town the night before, everything was packed, 
I had a plan.
And then the snow
And the dreaded wind. 

But it was Day #1 so I went, 
and it wasn't too bad
except for the wild fishtailing on the drive in
(4-W Drive took care of that)

and the really    big    puddle.
It was warmer in town and had been raining for a while.

But, then the run was finished,

The  rain/snow continued as the morning progressed
and was driven by the wind.
As I headed home away from the moderating ocean, 
the cooling temperatures suddenly turned the rain to big, fluffy flakes
isolating me from anything beyond the edge of the road.

Fall snows are usually short-lived and only drop a few inches at the most
but it can be white when they are unloading.

Back at the home-front I waited to see what the day would look like when the sun came up.
Because I was scheduled to leave on the jet, I was concerned that the planes might
not make it in.

This is what we looked like 
After sunrise!

The mid-day flight missed and diverted to their closest alternate, the Fairbanks Airport.
By evening, the weather had cleared up a bit and the night flight was changed
to a full-seater so all of the passengers 
were able to get out.

And the new plane configuration had First-Class
which several of us were surprisingly pleased to be bumped to.
A pampered bonus to our day.....

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