Monday, October 3, 2011

King of the Mountain~

It is fall and the craggy critters of the mountain
Need to decide who are the biggest,
and the baddest.

The young males are flexing their muscles
And pushing the old guys around,
As they try to claim their rank in
The herd.

I came around the corner and had to hit the brakes
To avoid hitting two of them
Squaring off in the middle of the road.

One eventually pushed the other one 
into the ditch.
Then they turned together and walked across the road
onto the tundra and 
waited for the other three to catch up.

After they regrouped a second pair took a turn at each other.

The burly beast shook his head side to side,
as he pawed at the ground.
Then ran 
and head-butted his waiting opponent.

After a brief pushing match, they stopped
to take a rest.

Maybe this is just the warm-up phase…..

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