Saturday, October 22, 2011

Traveling Post~

Hello again,
I am a bit behind on posts
although I have been trying to take daily pictures
in my quest to do a picture a day,
(800 plus this week!),

The posting didn't happen because I was a lucky Mom
who was able to spend time bouncing between my two youngest kids,
and one future daughter-in-law...
camping out with them in their college abodes...
seeing what their days are like... 
the parts they want me to know about anyway!

Some highlights of the week (besides the sunshine and warm temperatures ):

The Dashing Daughter had a personal best time in her 5K run..

The finish happened to be on the track where she did the steeple chase last spring.
Imagine the pit pictured below filled with water....
She had to leap upon this barrier to push out 
hoping to land far beyond the water in that deep ol' pit.
Alas, she never cleared the water, 
soaking her shoes, 
legs and clothing
before she continued squishing around the track!

Next track season she plans to change her approach
 so she lands high and dry on the track.

Living in Alaska we appreciate road trips where we can see new sights.  
The Driver Daughter drove us in her proudly purchased 1999 Ford Tauras, Jasmine,
on the beautiful scenic route
through northern Washington and down into Idaho.  
The road designers blew out sides of the mountains, allowing the pavement to meander
along bodies of water, train tracks
and some old growth timber.

We were short on time, but wanted to do a drive-by of Schweitzer Ski Resort where the 
Mechanical Son and his Engineer fiance will be married after graduation.
 With directions from the cheerful person at the coffeestop, we headed off.

Out past the fairgrounds we found the welcome sign and turned onto the mountain road.
Winding, twisty switch-backs led the way up the mountain
through a variety of trees and glimpses of the valley below.
 Once at the top, the view of lake and grounds below was amazing! 

We aren't sure if we will find snow here in May or not 
but, if the lifts are running, we will definitely want to take them to the top!

The fall colors were spectacular everywhere we went.

After a short look around we headed back down the mountain.
All of those bikers peddling up the road must
need to stop
 so they can appreciate this view part of the way up!

We made it to Moscow where the Daughter handed me off to her brother
as she dashed to her next activity-
a Tipi Sleepover.

Vivid, crisp colors were all around us.

The colors inspired us to go have some fun taking
pictures at the arboretum.

The mature engineering students contemplated their futures together,

played in the leaves

and danced in the arbor.

There are at least 180 more pictures, 
but I thought they should get to pick their choices before I post them.
I don't think these will make their final cut, but I like them!

Thankfully there are no permanent pictures
of new classes we tried.
We decided that if you ever want to feel like your top half doesn't know your bottom half,
try Zumba for the first time!

By the end of class we had reintroduced the two parts of our bodies 
and they were working on being friends again.
No one else in the class seemed to mind our dilemma!

When we were all done we found that the viewing monitor had been on the
entire class.
All of the parents waiting for the next class with their kids,
were watching  ;o}

Note to her brother:
"Thanks!  Because of you 
I don't have to lick the metal to see what would happen!"

A frosty night at the park along the Clearwater.

One afternoon was spent having a delightful lunch with some of the best benefits 
of being married to the Pilot Man,
his relatives!
These three have a never ending supply of stories-old and new.
I always learn a new bits of history whenever I am with them.

Can you read what these eyes are saying to the camera?

The rolling hills of the Palouse Country are so peaceful.

Another race,
another 15 seconds dropped!

Running through the park.

And then it was our last night!


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