Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Whole New Stage~

The pond isn't quite ready to stand on, 
but it is getting there!  

So far the surface is glassy smooth on top.

At the right angle you can see the different thicknesses 
as it builds its layers.

This little flower continues to bloom as the water
freezes a few feet away.
I still don't know what kind it is. 
Maybe an icelandic variety?

The brilliant evening lights glimmer on the icy pond.

Then they drop behind Newton Peak 
leaving soft evening lights
for everyone to enjoy.

For the first time tonight
I saw this new kit swimming about.  
When it slapped its tail
it didn't sound quite as business-like
as the adults!

They have also started a new lodge.

I wonder if this is where the new family hopes to live.....

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