Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Week to Be Thankful For~

As I was looking through posts on the other day, 
I noticed that I had some that didn't get published.
They may come to you by email out of order, but if you go through the blog,
they will be in the proper order...I think!

When we saw our eldest this past fall, he kept asking why I hadn't written for a while,
so I wanted to make sure to include our wonderful week together in November.
It was really nice to know he reads my notes,
and they matter to him :-) 

This is the story...

It all started when the Flyer Son planned to go get his things from storage in Boise
during Thanksgiving.
Then the Engineering Son and the Nursing Daughter said they were staying south for November.
In my MH, I knew I wasn't up to holidays at home without them..
Then the Barrister Son said, "Hey, we might come to Idaho"..

So the Pilot Man and I bought tickets, and let others know.
The Flyer Son, Uncle and Pilot Man worked to find a venue to hold us all,
then any family/friends that could flew and/or drove from all directions to Twin Falls, Idaho
where we enjoyed good times, great food and fabulous memories...

During the week we..

spent time with my Mom and her husband...

stopped by Shoneshone Falls...

Saw a rare double rainbow over the falls in November!

Drove back to Boise to pick up the Barrister Son and a BiG Moving MoTeL..

Took a few pictures..

played football while the turkey cooked..

{rematch tentatively scheduled for May}

visited while everyone cooked breakfast and dinner
then cleaned up.
{There were many cooking tips shared and lots of laughter coming from that kitchen ;o) !}

met our newest grandniece for the first time..

chatted with four generations together...

posed for a friend from Nome who was kind enough to take this shot after dinner...

went bowling...

gathered for my brother who took a picture of the Pilot Man's parents, 
two siblings, their families, and ours...

Who knows when we can all get together again?
But, what a lot of fun this week was.....

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