Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions~

As I traveled on the world wide web this summer
I found many interesting sites.  
This one popped up and has been feeding to my email.
I have really enjoyed some of the writings that have been submitted 

Mama’s Losin’ It

This week I decided to try my own version with one of her prompts...

2.)  Create an FAQ page for yourself that answers frequently asked questions...

1)  How did you end up THERE [in Nome, Alaska...aka End of the Earth]?

The short answer is "My husband's job".

The longer answer is that we both had a dream to head to Alaska before we even met.
We had both applied to, been offered, then didn't take jobs in Alaska.
After we met, we decided to toss everything and head to the Last Frontier together.

2)  Why do you live there?

The easy answer..
the Pilot Man loves his job,
and I think he is a really great guy...


3)  What do you do there?

Most of the time I have been a Mom..
Anyone familiar with that title knows that it includes 
a lot of time-consuming,
smile-producing times and the days keep marching by.
I also teach swimming, quilt, run, ski, take pictures.
Our days are pretty full!

4)  Now that the kids are gone what are you going to do?

Teach swimming, quilt, run, ski, take pictures,
visit my kids,
take those trips that the Pilot Man and I have always wanted to do,
and experience some of those adventures I still want to have.

Maybe I will finish some house projects too.

5)  How do you live with 24 hrs of darkness?

Because we are below the Arctic Circle, we never get totally dark.
We have a long dawn and dusk on either side of our "daylight",
making our shortest days about 6 hours of light

and at night

In the summer there are so many possibilities!

6)  Can you see Russia from there?

Yes, if you get close enough.
We are closer to Russia than we are to any major town in the United States.

This is Mendenhall Glacier near our state capitol, Juneau.
If you see trees like this in movies about Nome, 
you might want to check the credits to see where they are truly filmed! 

7)  Can I drive there?

Sure, if you can drive a dog sled, snow machine, or plane.

Please be aware,
there are no roads, train tracks or signage to tell you when to turn.

8)  Do you like it there?

Do you always like were you live?

9)  Do you have an indoor or outdoor pool?

Yes, this is a frequent question from those in the Lower 48.
We have had calls on Friday nights to settle bets about it.....

The pool is indoors
although we do have an outside skating rink
that gets flooded every winter!

This question and the comment...
"Well, if you were part of the United States"....
make me wonder about those speaking :0)

10)  You have lived there HOW LONG?

(Old story.....but it is a favorite chuckle for some who know it.
It is also a surprisingly common theme up here.)

As we all know, plans change.
Our original plan was to live and work here for two years.
But, then life happened,
babies were born,
children grew up
and that time has turned to 27 years today.

Yes, today. 
I didn't realize that until I started writing this!

It still seems like we first landed here yesterday.....


  1. Sounds like you have a pretty cool life!! Happy 27th Anniversary in Alaska!! I can't imagine living there but I'm glad you love it! It seems like the exact opposite from our crazy summers in Texas. :)

  2. I've always longed to visit Alaska, and I admire you for having the courage to leave everything else behind to live there, but I hate the cold in PA, so I'd have to live elsewhere during the winter. But it certainly is a beautiful place.

    Stop by to read my entry to Mama Kat's writing workshop, about returning to the town where I spent 2 years in Brazil:

  3. I have another question: How do you handle the cold? I'm in southeast Texas and I get cold anytime it's under 76 degrees. I don't know if I could last long up there! It looks beautiful so maybe I could visit in the summer!

  4. My husband and I visited Alaska on our honeymoon last year. It is a beautiful country... I mean, STATE! ;-)

  5. I have always wanted to visit Alaska. It's on my list! And I had a Dachshund named Dexter once. ;)

  6. What a different life! I would love to visit Alaska someday.

  7. Flat out GORGEOUS photos! Those kids, that larkspur, the snow and skies...Thanks for the glimpse into another world. And thanks for stopping by my blog at the lazyw. :)

  8. Alaska sounds amazing, and looks beautiful. Love your photos!

  9. Your blog is most interesting!! I came to visit because of the RWB blog hop and have stayed to read all your interesting exploits!! I find life in Alaska fascinating and have always wanted to visit. I too wanted to come up and teach for a few years. My husband and I had a teacher friend who went up to take a principal position in a very remote school. He stayed for about 3-4 years due to the high pay and then came home to retire. He said he and his wife had to be flown into where they lived. I have no idea where it is but it sounded like such a great adventure.
    I will definitely come back to read more about life in Alaska.
    BTW, I liked your RWB blocks. Glad you participated so I could find your blog!! Come visit mine!
    Gmama Jane


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