Friday, November 4, 2011

Solo No More~

Standing on the sidewalk in Idaho in October,
I heard a cricket chirping 
and answered my phone to greet the Flyer Son.

After the initial hellos and chat
he says,

"Remember when I bought my car off e-bay?"

He continues talking and finishes with,

"Joanna and I are getting married December 31st."

Wow!  Surprise!  Smile!

He goes on to explain they want to start their lives together and,
with his training and possible deployment,
this is the time that fits.

a guy from the most northwestern state
will marry 
a girl from the most southeastern state

in a simple and relaxed wedding of their choice.

They will share this time with their families...

after cake and punch,

the newly married couple will drive off into the sunset
to begin their Happily Ever After.....

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  1. Hi, Sharon! My name is Tracy McLendon, Joanna's mom. Your blog is very good. You are very creative. I look forward to meeting Nathaniel's family!!! :) He is a nice young man and seems to be a good fit for my girl! I already see wonderful things happening for these two! I'm praying for them daily!!! Just wanted to 'drop' by and introduce myself. Would love to interact with you. My email is We will see you soon! Warmest regards, Tracy


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