Friday, December 23, 2011

2000 and Beyond~

As we blasted off through this decade, we were challenged to keep up 
and may have missed a few things.
But the days were filled with magic moments
and lots of growth!

2000-The kids are getting so big~

2001+-We were building our house so camping out during vacation~
We rang in the new year with friends right before this shot.
Those are our unfinished door behind us.  We had one toilet, with a foam-board door, one bathtub for dishes and a monitor to heat it all.

 2002-Our first year in our new home~
Dexter, Alaska

 2003-The Barrister Son graduated and left for college~

 2005-The Flyer Son graduated and left for college~
Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

2006-The Barrister Son graduated from college and left for D.C.~
Moscow, Idaho

2007-The Pilot Man and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary~
Dorothy Falls, Alaska

2008-The Engineer Son graduated and left for college
           and we took a family trip in December~
Nome, Alaska and Twin Falls, Idaho
2010-The Nursing Daughter graduated and left for college
          and the Flyer Son graduated from Air Force OTS~
Nome, Alaska and Montgomery, Alabama 
with stops in Panama Beach City, Florida and Moscow, Idaho

Sad, but true, many of these have not been delivered yet :-(
But you never know when you might receive a surprise post from us!
Happy Holidays through the years.....

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  1. It's been lovely going through all your annual cards, just lovely.

    Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family in 2012 (maybe grandkids on next year's ?!)


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