Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Yet, Another Blow~

We have been hearing the warnings since the weekend
that another storm was coming.
It began last night and everyone worked to get things ready.

While I waited for the Pilot Man
who was waiting for the last of the planes to get in,
(before we were below minimums),

I closed the pool for the evening--
and next morning,
took swimmers to town,
bought gas for the car,

went to the store,
and ordered a Milano's Pizza
(the best we have found ANywHeRe)
to go.

While heading down Front Street I noticed that the Christmas lights
that were off earlier in the day,
were on

They may not be as flashy as some displays,
but we appreciate their gentle LED glow as we move through out
winter days.

This morning we woke to howling winds that have been building
as the day goes on.
School is cancelled and Bering Air is closed.
It is a good day to stay at home and work on projects.

Time to get lights on that tree.....


  1. I love the picture of the lights through the snow. when we first moved to molalla town that is the kind of lights the town put up. the log trucks sometimes took them right back down again!

  2. Ouch! I thought our gas was expensive! Nice shot of the lights and the the falling snow. Have fun decorating your tree while staying warm and cozy inside.


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