Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Blow, A Lot More Snow~

The weather predictors have been 
at the top of their game for storm predictions this month!

Saturday's started right on schedule.
At 10 AM the winds picked up
and we became an
island in the white...

For a couple of days the wind gauge has been reading
As the house shook, we knew this wasn't true.
The Pilot Man thought we should be more informed, and decided that it had to be fixed.

So he loaded up his grass fertilizer gun and went to work.
He trudged though the soft, deep snow,
then, after climbing up on the little house, he sprayed the device.

These pictures are both in focus so you can glimpse what the day was like. 
The weather station is that shape in the middle towards the back of the shot.

We know the winds had a high of 45 MPH this time.

I feel so much better knowing that.....

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