Friday, December 9, 2011

Brights in the White~

It is Friday already.
It seems like the week just started,
but it was an extra long week.

The letters are filling snow.

The snow plows have been working like CrAzY
trying to clear the streets before we get
hit again by snow.
on Saturday!

Every year the Firemen and Utility folks put the Christmas decorations out.
Wednesday, the day the firemen would have hung them,
we had that whopper of a storm. 
But someone still made sure this cheerful guy was
up outside of the community room of Quyanna Care
(assisted living for seniors)
to make their days a little brighter.

The Pilot Man used the machine the first time this year to go get the 
rest of the groceries from my car.
Last night he pushed that big drift down to make a ramp 
to drive it up and down from the garage.

I think those snowshoes might get a workout this winter.....


  1. Wow keenly. It sounds like the winter in the Rudolph movie, the almost canceled Christmas! Does your snow machine have a glowing red light/nose?

  2. The road and ground crews are the unsung heroes of winter everywhere but I don't imagine they work harder or longer than they do in Alaska. Hope everyone is enjoying a nice, snowshoe-filled weekend.


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