Saturday, December 17, 2011

Annual Check Up~

Once or twice a year Dexter Dog gets to go to town.
He eagerly prances to the car, excited to get to 
ride with us.
He used to leap in, but at 12 years old
 we have to lift him in and out.
Then make sure his ears and tail are clear of the door.
He is one happy pup when he can look out from the inside of the window!

Some trips though,
he is disappointed where he ends up..

Nome holds an annual Rabies/Vaccination/Registration/Deworming Clinic
 in December.
You can get everything your dog or cat needs in one swoop
for a discounted price.

This year Dr. Leedy asked me to help.
It was interesting and fun to see the different pets people had.

Then it was Dexter's turn.

After the dosing was done, he was ready to sit and be
quiet next to the Pilot Man for a bit.

When I opened the door at home,
he let me know where he wanted to be.

On the ground and OuT oF tHeRe.....

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  1. Oh Dexter Dog is beautiful! It's funny isn't it, that no matter how old they get and how many times they make that trip to the vet's they still don't enjoy it and act like we tricked them into going or something.
    Course the older I get the less I enjoy my annual physicals too....every year seems like a new test is added (LOL)


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