Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going Postal~

"Going Postal" has become a negative term for many.
But, in Nome, we are lucky.

Our Post Office and Annex are staffed by one of the nicest groups of people...
Usually cheerful,
always helpful,
and incredibly patient!

Because of my schedule I am often scooting in at the end of the day.
This week I looked at the clock and it was well past 5 PM
but the window never closed, and the staff never acted like it was a problem
that there were so many of us waiting in line.

On Christmas Eve they routinely stay open until everyone
can come get their packages.

Bering Air flies the mail from the hub stations to 26 villages around Nome and Kotzebue.

Thanks to the "Postal's who get the mail delivered!.....

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  1. This was a lovely tribute to all those who work hard in your area to keep you all connected ( the good old way) to family, friends etc. Very nice!


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