Monday, December 5, 2011

Help Along the Road~

Our Flyer Son recently took a long trip 
on the southern route from Oklahoma to Idaho, 
spent the Thanksgiving Holidays with us,
then drove back on the northern route.

Along the way he and his soon-to-be bride 
took pictures of themselves on his new 4GS phone.
The pictures recorded their stops 
in the middle of the Four Corners,
along the edge of the Grand Canyon,
crossing the new Hoover Dam bridge,
and places in between.

Somewhere on the 23 hour drive back 
the phone was lost!

When they were back in Oklahoma
he called the phone,
then texted it, in case someone found the phone.

And someone did!

A Wyoming DOT worker called him back,
on his own phone,
to get the Flyer Son's new address, 
so he could send the phone,
with all of those memories,
back in the mail. 

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