Friday, December 2, 2011

Minnesota Bob Does it Again~

It is December
and the holidays have begun.
A time for tradition,
those special parts that make it fun~

For us, the tree has always been important.

Being from Oregon, a fake tree was not an option.
We had tried trees from White Mountain
but when we counted the rings we found those little beauts had
been working for 35 years to get to 5 ft tall. 
At that rate, the forests would be gone if we all kept cutting them!
So we don't anymore.

The native Willow is another option,
but we haven't tried it yet...

Every year, we looked at different possibilities,  until~

One dark evening, when the kids were still little, we were driving down
Northern Lights in Anchorage and spotted a 
lot with Christmas trees and a big blow-up snowman.

So we stopped in
and there we met 

for the first time.

After wandering through hundreds, found our perfect tree, 
and he said, "No Problem, we will shipt it Nome."
It was incredibly fresh and our whole house smelled like a forest.
We loved just touching the soft needles,
and the kids were in awe of a tree taller than them in the arctic.
We were hooked!

Since then Minnesota Bob,
and later his son Dave,
have been an important part of our holidays.

Being from farming lands,
we like supporting those who are creating a life while
planting, growing and harvesting a crop.

And what a treat to have someone do that for you!

The lot is now on Dimond, by the Burlington Coat Factory,
but the blow-up character still waves in the breeze,
the soft-spoken Smith's are still there,
and we enjoy seeing them as much as their trees.

We stop by if we are in town,
or call if we can't get there,
and they wrap it up and haul it to the airlines
and we have another one of those amazing trees that we appreciate in many ways.

This year we were passing through Anchorage so went to see them.
Dave saw us getting out of the car and told us they has just unpacked our tree.
Two days later we had it up in Dexter!

One side was a little frozen when we unwrapped it,

But, by the next morning, it had unfolded 
and just needed straightened in the stand.

Our beautiful white pine grew up in Minnesota,
rode in a truck to Alaska,
flew to Nome,
to stand in Dexter.
Where it will grace our home as we wait for 
kids to come home to decorate it!

Thanks to Minnesota Bob and his son, Dave.....


  1. I love this story and your tree is beautiful. How nice to have a piece of Minnesota in your home every Christmas.

  2. What a great tradition! I enjoyed the article in the paper; they have a good author there. I really like your Kilroy shot peeking from around the tree. :-)

  3. Thanks! The Smiths and the trees are very special. The ADN writer did a great job conveying their uniqueness.
    I was giving the tree a welcoming hug :o)


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