Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Parental Holidays of the '80's~

More memories and bits of history~

1985-The Barrister Son's First Christmas~
NHN On the Alleyway between 4th and 5th Street, Nome

(Note the rotary dial phone)


New mukluks and mittens by Harriet and Becky on St. Lawrence Island,
parky by his Mum.

 A 'now or never' family picture moment--
no time to thaw the wet swimmer's hair,
because we only had a five second window to snap the shot!

1987-The Flyer Son's First Christmas~
 Malin, California

 1989- The snow boys outside of the NHN (No House Number) brown duplex~

The snowy days travel down memory lane

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  1. Loving these *old* Christmas memory photos. That parka is adorable. I noticed the old phone and the old television. LOL My oh my but times have changed :)


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