Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Shortest Day of the Year~

Today is the shortest day of 2011.
Tomorrow we will start gaining a little daylight every day.

This morning I am working from home.
but my To-Do List is way too long
and the ol' mind keeps wandering from project to project.

Since it is the Holiday Season
I have decided to gift myself a break between each completed project...

Rewards will make me more productive, won't they?
A little catch up..
Sunday the daughter came home.
Monday we headed to town during a snow flurry.
A neighbor had done a great job of blowing and another had staked
both sides of the road so we figured we would be fine,
but our timing was off.
The light was flat and we couldn't tell where the tracks were headed
as we came up the hill.
The navigator and driver both thought they should
steer to the right of the stake...
We were both wrong and suddenly,
we were StUcK!!

But then the daughter starts laughing and
commenting on how she forgot how much
fun it is to get stuck.
Hmmmm....That is a new way for her mother to look at it!

So we started digging and,
 after about an hour of working on our mission,
the Pilot Man comes and pops us out the rest of the way in two minutes flat
with his fancy un-snow-packed 4-wheel drive feature ;-)

We were only two feet away from the plowed part,
but had buried it up to the hood!

The Engineering Son was supposed to come home Monday morning.
But fog caused their flight to be cancelled, so he drove 2 hours to catch 
a connection the next morning....
But they gave that plane to the people on the flight before because their plane
had a mechanical...
Finally he flew to Seattle...
where he couldn't get on a flight for almost 10 hours...
Then he spent the night in the Anchorage airport 
and caught the mail run flight leaving at 6 AM.
When they were over Nome and could clearly see the town,
the pilot announced there was a problem with a different carrier 
and they needed to go BaCk to Kotzebue to get fuel.
He made it safely to Nome in time for lunch with his Mom on Tuesday...

After dropping him off at home, I drove carefully back to town.
The sun was dropping and glinted off of the ice on the willows.
Mother Nature's lights shimmered brightly across the tundra.

That night sundown over the Bering Sea was filled with a palette of chalk-colored shades.

By noon on Wednesday, the shortest day of the year, it had warmed to almost +30'.
Just a little sun goes a long ways!

Time to get back to those projects now....


  1. Happy to hear that your daughter and son arrived home safe and sound (eventually!) It is a lot of snow but it sure is beautiful in your pictures.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Been enjoying your stories very much and looking forward to many more in the New Year.

  2. Keeney, you are a real woman! Love the story!


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