Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowy Day Travel~

As the snow swirled
and the winds blew outside,

What started out as a search for one picture during the storm,
ended up being a trip down Memory Lane,
and revisiting holidays past
while looking through holiday cards.

My favorites are the ones with notes and/or pictures.
Every year I look forward to catching up on times we have missed, 
new additions and important happenings
in the lives of friends and family. 

Up until this century ;-)
most of the ones we have received are in albums by years.
As we look at our pictures through the year, we can see what others 
were doing as well.
It is a fun way to fast forward through the years.

Ours often get mailed out at unconventional times, 
but I am happy to hear from others anytime,
and I hope they feel the same!

In case you missed them,
here is a snap shot of our past 29 years.
Or some of them anyway,
beginning with the pre-baby years..

I hope they remind you of wonderful memories with your family as well.

1982-Our first together~

I asked the Pilot Man, and he can't remember anything about 1983 either.  
We don't have any pictures or memories  :>(
The next year we made some big changes!

1984-Our first Christmas in Nome~

We were new to the cold--note the multiple layers of clothes.....

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  1. You two certainly made a lovely bride and groom and what a nice Christmas Card for everyone to have rec'd that year.

    Trips down memory lane can be so much fun but they also give you pause to think *where did all the time go* 1984...first Christmas in Nome...Wow!


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