Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Telephone Game~

For those of you who don't know,
the game goes like this..

One person tells something to one person,
          who then tells another,
                    the second person tells a third,
                             and it keeps going like that until it has made the circuit 
                                        back to the original person.

Then the stories are compared to see if the story stayed the same all the way around!
Adults can play it too..

'Tis the season to talk to friends and catch up on their lives.  
Our friend, an Amazing Transplanted Arizonian, called after some phone tag
(a different game altogether), 
and we talked about everything going on with her.

AZ with standing and hugging WY

She just celebrated her 88th birthday 
and was going to play golf the next day..
She celebrated several times with different friends..
She is so busy where she lives now she is rarely home,
And is one of the few to still own a car and drive!

After a bit she starts asking questions.
My replies are met with "I am SO GLAD to hear that!"

And she explains... 

A mutual friend who lives in Wyoming had called earlier in the week.
In WY she had talked to someone from Alaska who 
and talked to someone in Alaska who had said
 the Pilot Man and his Wife
were having problems!!!

So goes the Telephone Game Adult style..
Jeepers, our poor friend had to worry neeedlessly!!

We still haven't figured out where the story originated,
but they must not read this blog.....

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  1. At least your wonderfully active 88 year old transplanted Arizonian friend picked up the phone and called you to get the *real* story. Maybe now she can tell a friend who will tell and friend and eventually it may get back to the person who started *the game* that you are all just fine in Alaska:)

    P.S. Love that rotary dial phone :)


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