Thursday, December 22, 2011

Then the 90's Zipped By~

Do you ever feel like your days start rolling,
then years zip by like this?

1995-Anvil City Park~

1996- August in Yellowstone National Park~
buffalo, bison, dead porcupine (the boys travel chant),
Cinderella birthday and some of Mother Nature's treasures at their best..

1997-Nome Beach Celebrating our 15th Anniversary~

1998-The Dexter Pond~
 This was before we built our house and it was really cold!

1999- Probably Our Best Family Shot Ever~
Boise, Idaho

When they were older the kids helped contribute to the letter and everyone signed their names.  
This was one of the years when most of the cards went out before Christmas!

We can count those sent before New Year's Day with one little hand.....

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