Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wedded Bliss~

It may blow and it may snow
but a wedding will go on...

An angel watched over from her perch on the glistening tree..

A youngster watched from her father's lap..

In between all of the storms we have had, and the cancelled flights,
their families made it in,
their beautiful, delicate flowers arrived
and we were all witnesses to the beginning of their marriage.

Through the years, when asked what his plans were
 the groom (who turns 39 the day after the wedding)
 would reply,
"I am searching for faster airplanes
and slower women."

The flight they were scheduled to leave on after the wedding was cancelled
as other parts of Alaska were hit by a storm.

They are a good example for us all~

In their married bliss,
it matters less where they are,
than who they are with.

Congratulations to the newly married pilot and flight paramedic.....


  1. Oh what a sweet post and what a lovely couple. Attending a wedding is the perfect way to warm things up!

  2. :>) It was one of the most personal weddings I have ever been to. Simple perfection!


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