Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yesterday's Fall-Out~

This morning when we left for work we weren't sure 
what we would find.
We left early, in case we had any surprises.

It was slow going as we plowed through deep drifts on the path that I chose.
My legs were mighty heavy by time we made it to the road 
to walk to the cars.
Not the best direction to go :-)

The snow drift was higher than our shop ramp
and still gently falling.
There wasn't much wind and it was a pleasant 32' F.

The roads were good going to town
and DOT had cleared the town roads.
At the pool the school maintenance folks were
 busy plowing the parking lots
and fire lanes.  

The snow had really drifted around the buildings.  
To the right of the door it was taller than me.
The kids have smushed that drift now!

I just had to shovel one little chunk of snow to 
make a path for the swimmers.

I think it might be time to break out the snow-shoes.....


  1. You *could* break out the snow shoes, or you could break out the airline tickets... South Pacific, here you some! :-) Pretty pictures of the drifts.

  2. Those drifts look pretty packed. Makes for some heavy-weight shoveling. I've never had a pair of snow-shoes on...most likely would end up face first in one of those drifts!

  3. The snow shoes are out and making life so much easier!

    You would catch on pretty quickly to walking in them. The snowmachiners are very happy with all of this soft snow!

    We are supposed to get aNoThEr storm tomorrow... more time to get things done at home :o)


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