Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Coast to Coast, And Back~

As we flew from coast to coast on a clear day
we tried to figure out where we were
with the help of 
Gogo Internet and the GPS.

It was harder than expected with those modern tools
and I wondered how did Lewis and Clark make their trek out west, and back?
They were on the ground and didn't have the advantage on an ariel view.

Several times we saw evidence of past air traffic below us.

The sun was setting when we finally reached the east coast.

 Orlando is a huge..
all of those rooftops must mean a lot of people!

And they drive very fast!

It was beautiful and cold when we flew out of Panama City Beach!
They were complaining that it was down to +40' F.

After we went out of security to get out bags, then rechecked them in,
we waited to go through security in Orlando..again.

The sun was going down when we finally boarded to head back west.

I thought the mirrored sunset reflecting off of our plane was really pretty.

Some guy in front of me was dressed like a pilot, but was really friendly and boarding with us.
When he overheard the other-not-to-be-named passengers with me,
making fun of me taking pictures out the little window  ;-)
he asked where we were headed.

As we were flying out of Florida
the pilot came on and started listing passenger desinations.
We were quite surprised when he said
our family was headed to Nome where it was -33 with ice fog!

The friendly pilot kept us informed about the landmarks we were passing all the way to Seattle.

Alas, it was dark outside so all we could see were lights.....


  1. It would be very hard for me to go from +40 to -33 but I know it still would be very nice to get back home. Hoping you arrived safe and sound. I'm wondering if you were the only family on that flight from Florida that were headed to Nome?

  2. Nice post Keeney. I just got itby e mail!!!!! Love the second to the last shot of the wing and city lights. You could be a pro.

  3. VB...It is always good to get home! We were glad to get back and Dexter might have been even happier to see us again! The plane leaving Florida was completely full. The pilot mentioned another family headed to Fairbanks (they were a little warmer) and one going to Washington--he didn't give their temperature :-) His additions made our flight more enjoyable!

    JB..thanks! The lights on take-off were brilliant against the darkness.


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