Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Anniversay Dexter Days~

It is hard to believe it is the one year anniversary
since the beginning of Dexter Days! 

With the encouragement of my OSU pal from California I have tried 
to explain what it is like for us
living in the far north.

If you have been reading for a while you may know 

some of the reasons we are here..

Maybe you have seen some of the
majestic creatures in our part of the world.

or that a

We never know what our days will bring, but

ThAnKs for allowing me to share a glimpse of the world through our window!!
It has been a pleasure for sure.

 I hope it has made it easier for you to see that,

 while we aren't always sure why we are here,
it is usually a great place to be.....


  1. Happy 1st Blog Anniverary! I'm so glad that we connected and I'm so glad that started this blog. I never tire of seeing what is happening with you up North.

    1. Thank you! I have enjoyed the connection as well. Your blog is a pleasure to read!

      I keep wondering what the "Rest of the story" is about the folks from your gazebo :-) ...


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