Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Sun Comes Up, The Sun Goes Down~

Warning and disclaimer...
This is a realistic post, so maybe not particularly cheerful....
feel free to skip it!

Today we were at the hospital early, before the sun came up.
We left the motel ahead of schedule in case there were any unplanned stops.
But, we had plenty of time.

At ten we began a series of chats, and waits.
Movement to a new spots, and more waiting.

Why do they have to ask if you have 
spiritual requests or a medical will?
The doc said it was a easy deal...
45 minutes, an hour tops, recovery time and we are out of there.
I have decided that is the plan we are going with,
so would rather not think about other possibilities.
It seems the only people happy to go to the hospital are the ones having babies
or visiting babies.

Around 11 we were taken to a bay in the day surgery room,
where a bubbly nurse, Cyndy, 
who used to live in the Bush when she was growing up with her FAA dad,
took and recorded vitals, drew blood and said the rest would stop by soon.
Surgery was scheduled for noon.

Two hours later were were still in that bay waiting for someone, anyone, to stop by.
Finally I went to find a nurse.
She hopped up and went to find out what was going on.
Another nurse came in, apologized that no one had told us that the last patient 
was taking longer
and gave me a $5 coupon for my wait.

Then we waited some more.

Eventually the anesthesiologist came in to talk.  
It would be an easy deal... not too long on anesthetic so recovery should be quicker...

Then the surgeon came in,
Him:  "Any questions, concerns"
Us:  "No"
Him:  "Should be an easy deal, won't take too long.  I will come talk to you when I am done"

Another nurse comes and says it is time for me to say good-bye.

I go to the waiting area and start my timer to help me keep track.
Mistake, BIG mistake...

I use the coupon and get a hot mocha, find a seat and try to keep busy.
Outside the sun is bright and it glistens on the frost covered trees and snow drifts as
people hurry carefully around the icy parking lot.

After 1.5 hours I go ask and am told he is in Stage 1 Recovery.

Then the staff switches and a new person tells me he is in surgery....
The stress level creeps up...

When I see the first gal back, I go ask what is going on.  
By then my timer tells me it has been two hours.
I ask "Is he BaCk in surgery because something happened?"
She calls and finds out that he NEVER came out of surgery
but they had mixed it up when they gave their update on a different patient.
Where was that family waiting?

My very vivid imagination creates more reasons for the double time in surgery.
None of the ideas were good.

After three (3) hours the surgeon comes out looking tired.
He patiently explains, then says, "We would like to keep him in the hospital, if that is alright"
When the doctor says that, can you really say "No Way?"
After a few more words, he leaves.

The sun has begun to set and it is almost dark outside.

The phone rings at the desk and they wave me over a little before 7.
It is the Stage One Recovery nurse, Lauren.
She explains that he will stay in Stage One Recovery until they get him a room.
I can't be there.
They aren't going to move him until after the shift change on the floor at 8 PM
so she rethinks it and says I can come be with him
and asks another nurse to comes get me to lead me through the maze to the back.

The Pilot Man looks a little tired, but says he feels okay.
They have told him the plan but he doesn't remember all of the facts.
Three hours of anesthetic will do that to you!

It turns out Lauren has a boyfriend working in Nome but she has never been there.
He is an electrician working on the new hospital.

By nine we are in the 4th floor room for the night.

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