Monday, January 2, 2012

Tidbits From Florida!

Florida is just about as different from Alaska
as it is far away.

It was a 100' F difference between taking off at home
and landing in Panama City!

The day we returned from Florida their temperature had dropped
from 70' to only 40' above zero.

It meant we pretty much had the beach to ourselves!

In Historic St. Andrews we found little sandballs.
They were sorted into piles by their size and surrounded holes in the sand.
What were they from???

As we hovered along the shore 
and puzzled over what it was
we saw something come out of a hole..

It was a crab!
When we were quiet and held still,
several came out.

Many moons ago the Flyer son had two hermit crabs,
Crazy and Lazy
(the only pets he could have in town--),
and they made balls like that.

There was also a cool shore bird who kept trying to run through the water
although we were not even near.

Next we headed to Mexico Beach to find more interesting creatures...

We need to google these to find out what they are..

Sea Slugs?

They came to the surface for air..
then swam by moving their "wings"
Little fish..

Birds, and more birds

A prehistoric species??

Our son thought this was a perfect representation of the welfare system in nature...
     There was a  wide-open feeding area a few yards away, 
but these birds and their friends
all flocked to the fish cleaning station when we stopped.
And we didn't even have any fish!

 A fish cleaning table...

When we didn't come through with dinner,
 the birds flew down to catch this guy's scraps.....


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  1. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Love the shot of the bird on the light standard!


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