Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weight-y Musings~

On Sunday I had the first time ever experience...

I balanced my suitcase to exactly 50 pounds!
You air travelers know what a challenge it can be to stay below the airlines maximum weights.

I thought it was a little heavy when I put the bag in the car,
then I thought maybe, I was just tired (WIshfUL THinkIng).

When I put it on the scale it was almost 4 pounds over!
**we have learned to put the heaviest one on first**
so I started pulling things out...
my snowpants 
(needed for our alternate flight down when the jets were ALL stuck in Kotzebue),
peanut butter,

The scale went to 46.4 pounds!
So I put the food back in and it went to exactly 50.
The ticket agent and I both looked at it and smiled.
I wasn't fast enough to take a picture of that rarity before she push the send button :-(
The snowpants flew home in another bag.

As I was feeling weighty this morning I started calculating..
snowpants=almost 4 pounds
+winter coat+skorp+warm liner+2 pairs of socks+bogs+glove+mittens

no wonder!

It's all relative..as I was driving the radio said the record low in 1989 was -45, 
-25 in my layers felt pretty toasty.....


  1. Hey you, 79 degrees yesterday, went around town in my shirt sleeves...

  2. One of the things I miss most about Spring and Summer is being able to open the door and just step outside, bare-footed, sleeveless, etc. As Winter nears its end, I am usually pretty darn tired of hauling on snowpants, boots, scarves, hats, mitts. No wonder we feel like we lost weight when we first start wearing our Spring clothes :)

    1. The easiest weight to shed, isn't it!! :-) Here the kids start wearing shorts and sandals at +30'. This year, I wonder if they will start earlier because it will seem so much warmer??


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