Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin' Layers~

As The Pilot Man drove home I gazed out the window looking for 
changes in the landscape.
The river wove its way along the side of us,
a clear, glassy blue loop around each corner.
After our days of ground blizzards last weekend, it had been cleared of snow,
and appeared to be a miles long skating rink.

Being one who always wonders,
I headed down to the river east of our house to see what it is like by our house.

The deep snow is over my head and I had to climb Up to get DoWn to the river...

The repeated winds have worn down channels around buildings.

The wind has formed patterns in the hard-packed snow.  
It was so solid, I didn't even punched though when I walked on it.

Dexter Dog didn't want his picture taken...

and tried to ignore me....  ;o)

The river ice is much thicker than I anticipated.  
I couldn't get an accurate picture to show the layers of ice frozen upon the layers below.
The water was so pure leaving the ice clear enough to see several feet down.

Air 'worms' in the layers..

The river now has gentle bumps on its glassy-smooth top.
There are mounds higher than the river where ice has built upon ice.
This is usually a fantastic skiing trail but maybe
skating would be better this year?

The leaf in front is under about nine inches of ice,
the one further back is on top of the surface.

The lower willow branches can be seen frozen in the ice.
The river and ice is deep and wide, past its usual shores and creeping up the sides.
Makes me wonder what break-up will be like..... 


  1. Really cool ( pun intended) pictures Keeney. Really nice, I liked the ice worms.

  2. It will be interesting to watch the warming of your spring, will get warmer right? : )

    1. I sure hope it gets warmer...but slowly!

  3. Some great shots! Love the one of the ice layers and of the leaf frozen inside.
    Hoping you have a slow thaw...too fast will cause flooding will it not?

    1. Thanks! Yes, our first spring here we had record warming-to 70' in a week-after lots of late, heavy spring snows and our road washed out. It was amazing to see! We prefer it to warm a little during the day and then freeze again at night so the ground can absorb the melt. That is good for the flowers too!


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