Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilt Magic~

I have always thought creating a quilt was kind of.......magical.

You take some fabric,

mix it up,

cut it up,

stitch it up,

arrange it up,

close your eyes, say some words, wave your hands,

arrange it up some more,

then sew it up,

trim it up,

hang it up,

and love it up!!

A bit about this cheerful piece...
My friend, Tammy, had made a quilt from shirting fabrics and she gave the scraps to me a few years ago.   I added a few of my own over time.
I hand-carried the top on the jet to Oregon where it was quilted 
They always do such a fabulous job on my quilts!

I was tickled by their variegated thread on the top and solid purple stitching on the back!
In an attempt to use only fabric that I had, I was determined to have the back from this blah piece.  
It ended up showcasing their bright, perky flowers perfectly!

After they quilted the layers, I hand-carried a much LARGEr piece back home, 
 then sewed on the binding and finished up with a label.

If you were to look at the label, 
you could find much of this little story,
plus-- CoMpLeTeD February 2012-- wahoo!!  

It makes me smile every time I look up to see the quilt hanging over the rail :o).....


  1. Very pretty quilt, Sharon. My mother was a quilter, we had a quilting frame set up downstairs for when she came for extended visits with us. My sisters and I once counted over 200 quilts including small ones for cribs)that she made and gifted to family and friends.

  2. I love quilting! I have made a fe over the years, the last being a queen-size one for our bed when we moved into our new home. We usince purchased a King bed so my quilt graces our *new* guest bedroom :). You did a beautiful job with this pattern and I love the blocks as much as I love the border. Very unique.


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