Monday, February 20, 2012

The Reality of Bering Sea Gold #1~

Ring, ring goes the telephone...
"Nome Swimming Pool,  Sharon speaking"

Caller:  "Is this City Hall?  I am calling from Nevada, do you know where that is?"
This was the first of this type of call at the pool since the
Discovery Bering Sea Gold show has begun airing.
City Hall, the Visitor's Center, Chamber, etc. have been getting quite a few.

The caller proceeds to ask questions and tell me bits of his thoughts..
Any one can come up,
Free for ALL,
No regulations,
Can live anywhere,
Bring a boat, drop anchor  and
make lot$$ of $$$


Turns out he is a security guard at a mine in Nevada, too old to come to Nome
but might want to set up his son for the venture in the gold country.
Could be like the 1840 California Gold Rush
in the hills 
with 1000's and people killing over claims....

He had thought about it all, and just needed a bit more info to plan.

I thought maybe I would help clarify some of the REAL reality for the miners.,,

# 1)  Housing

Some of the nicer summer sites:

but in the winter..

they look a little chilly to me.

I hope they show the real side on the TV, as well as the sunny side.....


  1. One would need a strong desire and determination to head for that.

    1. So far they seem to think it will be an easy $$ won't take long to see the "Reality"!

  2. Batten down the hatches sdk, I guess you could rent out a room.....or not!

    1. We have thought about renting out rooms for Iditarod, etc. We aren't sure how it would to rent, must have your own transportation to get 10 miles from town if the weather is good, then walk to the house carrying your gear .1-.5 miles depending on the roads....

      Or not ;o)

  3. Amazing how some will do anything for the remote chance of striking it rich!

    1. I guess it is that gambling gene? Maybe it is stronger in some than others?


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