Monday, February 27, 2012

The Reality of Bering Sea Gold #2~

It is hard to imagine I know,
but our days are not always sunny and warm near the Bering Sea.

It just looks a lot prettier then, especially if you are sitting out on your dredge!

Any mining equipment and dredge parts have to be flown or barged in from outside

It can be a cold, lonely business...

You have to stay with your dredge and keep working as long as the weather holds. 
There are some days no one can take your picture as you
work alone in the fog--
because they can't see you!

When the wind rocks the boat, the water can be dangerous.   
Some of the miners even swim to their dredges off-shore wearing wet suits.
But the season is short, and you need to work all of the hours you can, whenever you can.

This backhoe dredge was created by long-time local miners who already had knowledge
about mining, and the equipment to put their rig together.
Their design took several YeArS to work the kinks out.
It takes a rotating crew to keep it running all summer long.

The nights are long in the summer, and so are the working hours.
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The term "Sourdough" refers to a person living in Alaska,
who has gone 'sour' 
on the place,
but doesn't have enough 'dough' to leave.

A miner's life isn't for everyone.....


  1. Great post. That backhoe dredge is pretty darn inventive. I not sure if I admire these Bering Sea miners or if I'm just amazed with their drive and fortitude. You are so is not for everyone.

  2. Thanks to you both! I do enjoy watching them. I just found out kids are doing some mining this winter that sounds interesting. I will try to get pictures!


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