Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunny, Smooth Roads Today~

As I was driving to the swim meet this afternoon,
I came upon a flock of Ptarmigan taking advantage of the warmth of the 
road as it was heated by the sun.

They weren't too worried about moving from their heat source
as I edged closer!
Finally they reluctantly starting hopping, then flew off.

But, like sheep or deer, once one starts...

the rest must follow!

A few miles from this point, the road comes to a 'T' at the beach and one must choose 
right (to town), or left (to the Snake River Bridge) or go over the embankment.

While the birds appreciated the warming sun,
the surface on the road had glazed to a smooth, shiny surface.

Driving ahead of me was a  pickup that cruised up to the stop sign
with his right turn signal on.   
As he began his turn he headed for the beach...
I  couldn't figure out what he was doing--
until he ended up in the snow on the beach side.

When it was my turn, I too started sliding.
By putting the sub in neutral, I was able to stop part way into the intersection.

Luckily neither of us were going very fast, so no damage was done.
Combined with the slick roads, the beach snow was too soft and deep for me to pull him out,
so I gave him a ride to his loader in town.

Nice to have those tools to use when you need them.....

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  1. Good thing you were there. No one wants to be stranded in a ditch in the winter...for any length of time, especially in an Alaskan winter.


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